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Fields of Dreams Jane’s Walk

Fields of Dreams Jane’s Walk

  • Author: Park People
  • Date Posted: May 8, 2013
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It was a spectacular day for the Fields of Dreams Jane’s Walk – sunny, fresh and an azure blue sky. Apartment towers on Jane St and five schools are all within walking distance of the Black Creek farm, and in fact, several of the full time farmers and interns do just that to get to this workplace everyday. Jane’s Walkers came from near and far to check out this exciting urban farm consisting of eight fertile and lush acres located just inside Toronto’s borders on Jane St between Finch and Steeles. Farmers and interns were there to welcome us and get us holding the dirt in our hands, smelling it and learning about the crops going into the ground – cassava, asian greens, scotch bonnet peppers, various kinds of beans, lettuce, squash and lots of herbs. Plans for marketing the food to local neighbourhoods hinge on keeping the food affordable and accessible – markets and innovative distribution networks are taking shape. We capped it off wandering down the embankment to the Black Creek ravine bed – wild and overgrown with willows and old apple trees. Black Creek is a more than a farm – it’s a creative and clever innovation between the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority and Everdale Farm who have joined the forces in the service of sustainability and healthy land use. Stay tuned and go the farm at 4929 Jane St.

For visiting hours and more Information, check out the Everdale Facebook page. If you’re interested in volunteering, contact

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