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Ward 11 Clean-Up Day

Ward 11 Clean-Up Day

on Apr 21, 2013 | 0 comments

Ward 11′s Clean Up Day on Saturday, April 20th was organized by Gaspar Horvath. The day began with a cleaning of the Smythe Park greenway west of Weston Road. Approximately 140kg of refuse was collected by a handful of volunteers, including a mattress! This was perhaps the only instance where people were happy as the garbage piled higher!

IMG_20130420_101218 (Large)


IMG_20130420_105220 (Large)


After setting aside 14 bags for collection, volunteers headed to Eglinton Flats for a greening of the southeast pond. Altogether, 140 trees and shrubs were planted throughout the afternoon.



Special thanks to everyone who participated and helped Clean & Green Ward 11!

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