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A Garden Party at the Panorama Community Garden

A Garden Party at the Panorama Community Garden

on Aug 21, 2014 | 0 comments

On Friday August 15, 2014, Panorama Community Garden Group hosted the Garden Party in the evening at Panorama Park in Ward 1. Picnic benches were loaded with food from corn chips, hot dogs, chicken and other various snacks! There was a dessert table with homemade rice krispies circles, sugar cookies and cake! There were 2 barbeques at the park where you could see corn and chicken being roasted. The aroma of the food and the action of local resident barbequing drove big crowds to eat and hang out at the park. Lots of young kids and families attended the garden party!

Jim Graham from Panorama Community Garden and the Etobicoke Master Gardeners also led an exciting and adventurous woodlot expedition from the park. The area was very tricky to walk into because it was surrounded by lots of tree branches and grassy fields. Kids were able to sneak in and out of the path where adults had to duck their heads and watched where they were going! 2 people saw a deer in the grassy field and children picked up litter in the wooden area. The children unconsciously cleaned up the space because they were excited to pick and show their treasure pieces to their parents from the wooden lot. In their scavenger collection, the youngsters pick up pop cans, acorns and flowers along the walk too.


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