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Scarborough Village Community Garden Harvest Festival

Scarborough Village Community Garden Harvest Festival

on Oct 28, 2014 | 0 comments

On Saturday September 20, 2014, Scarborough Village Community Garden hosted their harvest festival at Fred Johnson Park in Ward 36. The harvest festival is a very special time when the children, parents and grandparents come out together to pick vegetables in the park. Children eagerly asked their grandparents about the different types of vegetables and were keen to harvest the plants. Everyone took part in the gardening where they dug deep into the ground, cut flowers and got their hands dirty in the soil. Some children picked sunflowers and were astonished by the lovely scent. Children’s activities were present and there was a contest to name the groundhog mascot that keeps visiting their garden.


As everyone harvested the food together, they realized they do not need to go grocery shopping! People dug out potatoes, picked celery, bok choy, leeks and cabbage. The harvest festival is a great way to bring families together to learn, share and make friends in the neighbourhood.


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