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Massey Creek walk with the Toronto Field Naturalists

Massey Creek walk with the Toronto Field Naturalists

on Nov 6, 2014 | 0 comments

On September 21, 2014, Miles Hearn from the Toronto Field Naturalist led a walk at the 1021 Birchmount Road community. He led the group to a hidden park in a very commercial business area. We were walking along the Gatineau Hydro Corridors and underneath the path was the Taylor Massey Creek.


As we were walking away from the 1021 Birchmount Road, we identified over 15 differnet kinds of weeds within 2 blocks from the building! Each weed was snipped off and the children were collecting a pretty bouquet of weeds! Along the walk, we also learned that plants can be stressed out too. We compared the healthy and unhealthy plants. In this walk, we learned the value, beauty and what weeds do in our environment. We were surrounded by weeds and this walk taught us to treat and respect nature around us.















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