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Trees Across Toronto at Milliken Park

Trees Across Toronto at Milliken Park

on May 1, 2013 | 0 comments

On April 27 2013 from 10 AM to noon, Trees Across Toronto held its annual tree and shrub planting program at Milliken Park in Scarborough, at the North East corner of McCowan and Steeles. The City of Toronto, corporate participants, and local community groups such as Toronto Chinese for Ecological Living (TCEL) were planting over 1600 native trees and shrubs at Milliken Park. Over 2000 people were at the tree planting event.


Councillor Sarah Doucette, City of Toronto’s Tree Advocate (Ward 13, Parkdale-Highpark) and Councillor Chin Lee (Ward 41, Scarborough-Rouge) were in attendance to show their commitment to protect and increase the tree canopy goal in recovering some of the under-developed lands. This event happens twice a year and the second tree planting location was held at Windfields Park in North York, at Bayview and York Mills. 800 trees were planted at Windfields Park. At these two events, Torontonians have planted an estimate total of 2000 trees to make Toronto greener and healthier.


Corporate sponsors, city staff and community members came out and spent the morning planting new trees to protect and nurture their park. Young and older residents were helping each other to gather buckets of mulch, youth working out their arm muscles to shovel dirt from the ground and kids were getting their knees dirty by planting with their own toy buckets and shovels! Children were playing with soil and worms, and many youth groups worked together to plant as many trees! The sun was out, children playing in the playground, adults blowing bubbles in the park, this is a wonderful morning and event to be outdoors!


After two hours of tree planting and returning the shovels, gloves and buckets, there was a wonderful BBQ at the end of the event to feed the wonderful volunteers and staff who participated in the Trees Across Toronto event.


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